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8 Retail Design Tips to Help You Increase Sales

Humans are highly visual. If you want to gain someone’s attention in your retail location, it needs to be attractive and visually stimulating. When running a brick and mortar store, you need to take this into account when designing your retail displays. Let’s discuss some retail design tips you can use to enhance your space and increase sales.

1. Set the Layout Based on Flow of Traffic

You want people to see your latest and greatest products first, right? Monitoring how people move throughout the store, seeing where their eyes move, where they turn, etc. will help you merchandise your store.

In the book Inside the Mind of the Shopper by Herb Sorensen, he notes:

The pattern of movement in the supermarket is counterclockwise in the United States, but PathTracker studies in the UK, Australia, and Japan show a much greater tendency for shoppers to move in a clockwise pattern there… traffic patterns in the store may also be affected by vehicle traffic patterns outside. In these small studies, we noted that in countries with right-hand driving, where traffic circles move in a clockwise pattern, shoppers in stores may be more comfortable moving the same direction.

With this in mind, consider how you want to set up your store. Remember, research just offers insight into store traffic, so you don’t need to base all decisions on it.

2. Avoid Overwhelming the Decompression Zone

The Decompression zone, or better known as the space around your entrance, is where consumers adjust to the new environment. If you place too many products or signs in this area, they tend to be missed. Ensure you allow for a smooth transition so they can take in your retail store and products.

3. Create a Focal Point in all Your Displays

It can be tempting to want to bring attention to everything in your store. After all, you’re displaying it to sell it, right? However, that can be extremely overwhelming for your consumer.  Choose a focal point for your display to draw people in, with other items displayed around that item.

Doing this will have a better chance of catching your consumer’s attention. Once they are drawn in, they will naturally look around at the other items you have displayed.

4. Don’t Overcrowd the Space

Leave enough open space in your store that people don’t feel claustrophobic and are able to appreciate your products. Avoid the issue of consumers bumping into other consumers and merchandise as they move throughout your store.

5. Use Signage Wisely

A well-placed sign will enhance your display and bring more attention to your products. Think about how you want the sign to add value. Are you a sporting goods store? Maybe your sign should give a few tips on the best uses for that product. Are you a beauty retailer? Maybe you should provide signs with two or three potential looks with that eye shadow palette. Signage gives you an opportunity to creatively draw your consumer’s eye to your focal point.

6. Placement is KEY

Place your staple items at the back of your retail location. By persuading consumers to navigate through your retail store on their way to your top merchandise, they will likely pick something up along the way. Just like groceries stores have their milk, eggs, and other household necessities at the back of the store.

7. Checkout in Sight

Your checkout location should be visible from the store entrance for a few reasons. First, you want to be able to greet customers as they walk through your door. Additionally, this position discourages shoplifting and employee theft.

This is also a great place to promote your impulse-buy items for last-minute purchases.


As you can see, the way your store is designed and products are displayed plays a huge role in sales. Your consumer has to be in the right mindset to make a purchase, so providing the optimum environment for that is vital! As you perfect your store’s retail design, sales will go up.

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The Benefits of Slatwall Systems

Retail space, workshops, offices, and other locations where retail displays and fixtures are used, slatwall is a great solution. It’s easy to install and has a number of options for you to customize it to fit your space and brand. Our slatwall is made from a multitude of materials including metal, PVC, and wood.

slatwall h-unit

Systems that Save Retail Space

Display space in a retail setting is limited and crucial. Slatwall is a great option because it allows retail owners to turn the vertical wall space into display and merchandising areas. These systems can be custom designed as well which is why they’re so great for retail spaces who’s displays are constantly changing with trends and marketing campaigns.

black waterproof vase on slatwall
Black Waterproof Vase on Slatwall

Slatwall Optimizes Storage

Since slatwall turns the vertical spaces into areas where items can be stored. It is a great option for workshops, restaurants, garages, etc. You can easily add hooks, shelves, storage bins, and other fixtures to maximize your space.

designer slatwall
Designer Options
PVC slatwall
PVC Options

Make it Your Style

We offer the opportunity to customize the appearance of your system so that it fits the aesthetic of your space. There’s plenty of creative freedom from natural wood, subway tile, designer patters, metal finishes, and more. This gives you the opportunity to really hone in on your retail store’s branding and design.

Request Something Custom!

Modern Retail Solutions offers slatwall fixtures and displays, and many of our products are slatwall friendly. If you’re interested in something we offer, or looking for a custom solution, please feel free to reach out to us.

If you have general questions, be sure to check out our FAQ page. For more information or to contact Modern Retail Solutions, you can visit our about page or follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn!

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Custom Corrugated Cardboard Displays

custom cardboard displays

Did you know we offer custom corrugated cardboard displays? We work with our clients to bring to life designs that are affordable, stand out, and are durable. If you’re thinking of going the corrugated cardboard route, here are some advantages and disadvantages to take into account!

custom corrugated cardboard display

Why Corrugated Cardboard is a Great Option

  • Custom corrugated displays are much less expensive than other display alternatives.
  • Corrugated cardboard is recyclable & an eco-friendly option for displays.
  • Corrugated cardboard ships out flat which allows for more displays to fit on a pallet.

Benefits of Working with Modern Retail Solutions

  • We are American Made & Veteran Owned
  • We offer short sample turn around
  • Our products are consistent

cardboard display

Disadvantages to Corrugated Cardboard

  • In order to create custom corrugated cardboard displays, cutting dies are required. Due to the piece being custom, the cost can vary depending on how many pieces the display needs.
  • If you plan on changing the display at any point, not all cutting dies can be adjusted.
  • Wear and tear can cause the displays to last about 1-2 years.

If you have decided that corrugated cardboard is the route you would like to go for your custom displays, here are a few things to think about:

  1. How many products/pieces would you like to fit on the display?
  2. How many displays are you looking to purchase?
    • Note: purchasing in pallet quantities is suggested. the more displays purchased, the cheaper each display will cost.
  3. Are there any size limitations in the stores/locations these displays will be going in?
    • Note: tall displays are easier to tip over and could be a safety issue if people are going to be walking around it.
  4. If you are interested in putting art on the display, work with a designer who can create what you are looking for. We accept art designs in the form of an adobe art file or an EPS file.

If you have further questions or are looking to place a customer cardboard display order, please reach out to us here!

If you have general questions, be sure to check out our FAQ page. For more information or to contact Modern Retail Solutions, you can visit our about page or follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn!

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Preparing for the New Year: Making Your Business Better in 2020

Ready for the New Year?

Preparing for the New Year:

Making Your Business Better in 2020

The end of the year is approaching quickly and now is the best time to start improving your business! We’ve put together a few helpful tips to get you ready for 2020.

1. Balance Your Books

Nobody enjoys crunching the numbers all day long, but having a good understanding of your business’ financials can help you manage your priorities and hopefully save a few dollars. Now is a great time to go back through your company’s spending over the year and eliminate unnecessary services or subscriptions. Have an ex co-worker that quit a few months ago? You might want to make sure you’re not paying for their unused email or Google services.


2. Master Your Digital Presence

As we move into 2020, more and more of our customer base will become younger, tech-savvy adults. Today’s modern consumer expects quick, 24/7 service. The best way to make their experience seamless is by offering your services and information online. 

  1. Make sure you have a website and that it looks good on mobile devices (iPhones, Androids, iPads, etc.). 
  2. Remove the roadblock of requiring your customers to call you for things like quotes or information. Many consumers won’t be viewing your website during normal business hours and won’t wait to call you — they will simply bounce to a different website.
  3. Use contact forms, chatbots, or pricing pages to allow your customers access to information instantly.
  4. Keep your business address and hours of operation up-to-date. These are typically shown in Google’s search results and it is crucial that this information is correct.


3. Update Your Storefront

Whether you’re an established retail business with multiple stores or an avid flea market pop-up shop, you’ll want to keep your storefront looking fresh. 2020 is the perfect time to get rid of those old and drabby product displays for a fresh updated look. Your customers are bettering themselves for the new year and so should you. Modern Retail Solutions is here to help you into the new year. Check out our online store to start planning your 2020 experience today.


For more information or to contact Modern Retail Solutions, you can visit our about page or follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn!

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Tony Neuhoff Promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing

tony neuhoff

From Crain’s Cleveland Business:

Modern Retail Solutions is proud to announce Tony Neuhoff has been promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Tony will be focusing on e-commerce growth along with talent expansion in sales and internal resource development. Modern Retail Solution’s core business consists of manufacturing plastic, wire and cardboard displays for retail stores of all sizes. Ribbon trays, floral bush shelves, wall mount floral vases, organizational craft trays, duct tape trays, and waterfall shelving, along with an array of other display items, are some of our top products.

Keep us in mind if you have a need for wire or corrugated cardboard services. Bring your own tool to make current products, or reach out to us about our tooling capabilities. We are very flexible and have a wide variety of capabilities to bring your goal to life.

In addition, we have injection molding, profile extrusion, fabrication, assembly, and warehousing capabilities all under one roof. Our products are 100% made in the USA and we are a Veteran owned company. If you have questions or would like more information about any of these policies, please visit our contact page and reach out to us. In addition, if you have general questions, be sure to check out our FAQ page.

For more information or to contact Modern Retail Solutions, you can visit our about page or follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn!