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5 Reasons Your Retail Displays are not Working and What to do Instead

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One of the greatest advantages brick-and-mortar has on eCommerce is the ability to create a physical customer-product interaction. Your in-store retail displays give you the opportunity to draw attention to specific merchandise, build an immersive in-store experience, and show off your creativity. These retail displays play a huge role in driving conversions. Many stores overlook this important selling tool, which is why we are going to dive into 5 reasons your retail displays are not working and what to do instead.

Your Retail Displays are not Working Because They are too Busy and Distracting

Less is more. It is easy to overdo your in-store displays, but oftentimes it causes a cluttered and overwhelming feeling for consumers. This can distract the display from performing its sole purpose – to drive sales.

What to do: Establish a focal point for your display. If there’s a specific product you want a
consumer to see, build your display around it. Narrow your focus. Pick out key attributes to emphasize for consumers, rather than trying to emphasize everything.

Your Retail Displays are not Working Because You are Disregarding Detail

Small details matter! Creating basic standards and guidelines prevents smaller details from going unnoticed during the display design process. Consider creating brand guidelines for your in-store displays so they stay cohesive and all your employees are aware of what is expected. This also ensures things stay consistent if you have multiple store locations.

Some examples of in-store branding guidelines:

Black shelving. Keeping the shelving color consistent prevents it from distracting the consumer’s eye away from products.
Tag symmetry. Make sure all of your tags are hanging in the same direction and found in a similar location on your products.

These are small details that can change the way a consumer views your brand.

Your Retail Displays are not Working Because They are Uninspired

Don’t let your in-store displays get boring. One thing retailers make the mistake of is staying in their stores. Try shopping your competitors and get a fresh look at ways to innovate your retail displays. Take notes on what catches your eye, what you like about certain displays, and even take pictures for inspiration!

Your Retail Displays are not Working Because They do not Vary

Another reason your retail displays are not working? You are failing to update them frequently! Whether a consumer visits your store weekly or not, you want to make sure each visit reveals a new product to discover! To keep displays from going stale, create a schedule of when to update the displays and stick to it.

Your Retail Displays are not Working Because They are One Dimensional

If your in-store display lacks depth and height, it can come off as visually unappealing. Adding height, color, and depth where possible is the goal. For example, say your featured products are the same height. You need to find a way to display them that varies their height to add dimension and draw the eye in different directions.

Putting products on shelves, hanging them, etc. is a great way to add depth. Check out some of our amazing solutions and see if they’re a good fit for your next in-store display.