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The Benefits of Slatwall Systems

Retail space, workshops, offices, and other locations where retail displays and fixtures are used, slatwall is a great solution. It’s easy to install and has a number of options for you to customize it to fit your space and brand. Our slatwall is made from a multitude of materials including metal, PVC, and wood.

slatwall h-unit

Systems that Save Retail Space

Display space in a retail setting is limited and crucial. Slatwall is a great option because it allows retail owners to turn the vertical wall space into display and merchandising areas. These systems can be custom designed as well which is why they’re so great for retail spaces who’s displays are constantly changing with trends and marketing campaigns.

black waterproof vase on slatwall
Black Waterproof Vase on Slatwall

Slatwall Optimizes Storage

Since slatwall turns the vertical spaces into areas where items can be stored. It is a great option for workshops, restaurants, garages, etc. You can easily add hooks, shelves, storage bins, and other fixtures to maximize your space.

designer slatwall
Designer Options
PVC slatwall
PVC Options

Make it Your Style

We offer the opportunity to customize the appearance of your system so that it fits the aesthetic of your space. There’s plenty of creative freedom from natural wood, subway tile, designer patters, metal finishes, and more. This gives you the opportunity to really hone in on your retail store’s branding and design.

Request Something Custom!

Modern Retail Solutions offers slatwall fixtures and displays, and many of our products are slatwall friendly. If you’re interested in something we offer, or looking for a custom solution, please feel free to reach out to us.

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